Gianni and Mina, after 15 years spent running a characteristic restaurant which was closely linked to local traditions, to the seasons and using the impressive products of their own garden and orchard, decided to close their restaurant “La Casa nel Bosco” on 31st December 2017

Today the doors of their home are again open with a new form of hospitality: the “Country House La Casa nel Bosco”, a country residence for those seeking an informal, relaxing and dynamic holiday.

The vegetable garden and orchard, as in the past, are today again available to guests who can choose whether they prefer to enjoy the thrill of “pick & eat”: cooking freshly picked products for themselves and tasting them under the porch overlooking on the woods.

Country House La Casa nel Bosco Casa Vacanze
Regione Galvagno 23, Cassinasco, AT, 14050, Italy
(+39) 0141 851153

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